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Our Mission

Based in Los Angeles, ÉTICA is rooted in the ideals of fair labor practices and environmentally conscious manufacturing. Our factory, Hera Apparel has been manufacturing for the premium denim industry for over 20 years by using the most sustainable and eco-friendly technologies available. Using less water, less chemicals and producing less waste than the rest of the industry, we are one of the only manufacturers fully certified for Global Impact, Clean Industry Practices and Social Responsibility. We exceed fair labor standards, we invest in our planet and we give back to our community. 

Our clothing is created to satisfy the desire for extraordinary quality at attainable prices. We offer premium fabrics, vintage inspired washes and refined fits. 

Our Promise

ÉTICA aims to reduce our environmental impact and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals to protect our consumers health and the environment. We start with the core conventions of global legislation and regulatory requirements, including Proposition 65 and REACH.  Here is a link to our Restricted Substance List (RSL), which outlines limitations of potentially toxic or harmful substances which can be present in finished products in the market.

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of our organization and our overall approach to business operations. As part of our overall strategy, we have developed several programs to ensure our supply chain develops, maintains, and is held accountable to relevant country and international standards.  We utilize, as part of our verification, independent 3rd party and in-house audit programs.

Our Vendor Code of Conduct contains strict guidelines for social responsibility and corporate compliance to ensure that our partners not only adhere to international labor and environmental standards, but exceed them.

ÉTICA prides itself on social responsibility and corporate compliance. Our social responsibility policy also includes adherence to:

ÉTICA strives to reduce environmental impact in our offices through the following

  • Usage of recycled materials and eco-friendly office and cleaning supplies
  • We banned the use of single use plastic utensils, straws, plates and cups
  • We banned the use of plastic bottles and instead we use a filtered water machine and reusable water bottles

    Our Production & Wash Process

    • 90% less water than industry standard
    • 63% less energy usage than industry standard
    • 70% less chemical usage than industry standard
    • All used wash stones are compressed into bricks to build low-income housing
    • All factory water is filtered and used for farmland initiatives

      Hand Picked Fabric Suppliers

      We carefully select our fabric suppliers based on their commitment to sustainability as a company as well as the actual fabrics they produce.  The mill that weaves most of the denim we use is only 15 minutes from our factory, making our transportation carbon footprint extremely small. We selected this mill because they have the following certifications:

      Our Indigo Dye Process Actually Saves Water

      Our mills dye our denim yarns with liquid indigo (instead of powder), which greatly reduces or completely eliminates the amount of water needed in the fiber dye process.  In addition to requiring little to no water, it also eliminates the creation of millions of pounds of waste water sludge.

      Life-cycle Awareness

      We consider every aspect of the lifecycle of our clothing. This begins with growing the plants to make the fibers to weaving the fabric all the way through to cutting, sewing, washing, packaging, and shipping.  This life cycle begins with which fibers are being grown and under what conditions. We love cotton as a fiber, but growing it is hard on the earth because it requires a lot of water and pesticide use.  This is why we actively seek alternative fibers to blend with or completely replace our cotton use.

      Lyocell/ Tencel

      Lyocell, also known as its branded name ‘Tencel’  is a sustainable fabric that is regenerated from wood cellulose.  This fiber is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, namely because it is sustainably sourced from eucalyptus trees, which don't require pesticides or irrigation and use less land and water than cotton production.  It is also produced in a "closed-loop system," in which the majority of chemicals and solvents used in the process to break down the wood pulp are recovered and recycled with minimal waste.

      Recycled Cotton

      We use recycled cotton repurposed from pre-consumer cotton waste at the mill. We also use fabric made from post-consumer waste and re-made into fabrics used to make our clothing. We are actively working to increase our use of post-consumer recycled cotton through garment recovery programs.

      Deadstock Fabrics

      We source fabrics locally in Los Angeles from massive warehouses where all of the unused fabrics produced by mills for other brands at one time or another are sent before they eventually end up in a landfill.  Solving this waste crisis is super exciting for us as it not only prevents waste in landfills but also eliminates one of the most environmentally challenging processes from our lifecycle. Instead of using virgin fibers that require water, pesticides, dyes, and electricity for weaving, we start the lifecycle at the cutting and sewing stage, saving tons of water, energy, and chemicals in the process!

      Washing Sustainably

      Our care labels were thoughtfully made to help you wash your garments in a way that sustains them as long as you love them as well as sustain the earth.  Washing with cold water eliminates energy used to heat water. Select an eco cycle if at all possible. Hang dry to preserve the quality of your garments for as long as possible, which also saves a ton of energy used for machine drying.


      Our packaging is made from 80% recycled paper products. Our thank you cards are made from 100% recycled paper. The clear bag that your denim comes in is 100% biodegradable. That basically means it will disintegrate and return to the Earth. 


      All of our hang tags are made from recycled materials. Our eco statistic hangtags contain seeds that can be planted.


      We recycle, compost organic wastes, and recycle or donate our textile scraps whenever possible. We recycle about 80% of all our garbage.

      Check out more of our initiatives on our ÉTICA Community Page.