Our Brand Story

Designed for today, mindful for tomorrow.

About us

Infused with the energy of LA, NY and Mexico City, our denim tells a story of conscious design. Blending innovation with tradition while honoring both the planet and the diverse communities that inspire us. 

With industry-leading equipment, innovative wash techniques, and a commitment to sustainability, ÉTICA is setting a new standard for eco-friendly denim. We re-imagine classic denim codes by constantly pushing design and wash technology while remaining focused on achieving our zero waste initiative. 

Ethically Made

Sustainable Sourcing

We’re all about sourcing materials that uphold the highest environmental and social responsibility standards. Our top priority is suppliers who share our passion for the planet like us. 

We use Certified Organic cotton, grown sustainably without harsh chemicals or excessive water usage, Regenerative and Recycled cotton, and plant-based eco fibers like Tencel and Refibra - all derived from sustainably farmed cellulose.

The Details Matter

Around the world, consumer goods generate around 207 million tons of waste every year, and packaging makes up over 30% of landfill waste.  

From recycled and biodegradable threads, labels, packaging and hangtags, to non-electroplated hardware, we consider every aspect of our impact.

Ethically Made

As a vertical manufacturer, we have full transparency and control over the quality and sustainability of our product, and we are constantly innovating to lower our environmental impact. 

We produce our denim in small batches, allowing demand to drive our decisions and thus minimizing excess production. Our factory is constantly investing in the latest innovations in clean manufacturing and eco-tech equipment, and even developing some of our own.

We use no harmful chemicals, pesticides, GMOs or fertilizers in our process. No stones, no chemicals. This is as clean as denim can get.


Drawing on 25 years of denim manufacturing expertise, we've pioneered a groundbreaking water-saving patent pending technology known as InCloud®. 

InCloud® leverages nanotechnology at the molecular level to treat fabrics and fibers. This innovative process eliminates the need for toxic chemicals by combining EFlow nanobubbles, non-harmful ozone gases, and laser technology to achieve genuine wash effects. 

InCloud® reduces water consumption per jean from 300-600 liters to a mere 1-2 liters. Our approach employs 90% less water and consumes 70% less energy than prevailing industry benchmarks. 

In 2023 alone, InCloud® contributed to saving 528,000 gallons of water, equivalent to the lifetime consumption of water for 25 individuals.

Clean Manufacturing

We are regularly audited to ensure our standing. Here are just a few of ours:

Gold Certification from the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Coalition (W.R.A.P.)

SMETA certification from SEDEX, a leader in ethical production and supply chain transparency

Clean Industry Practices certificate from PROFEPA and the Mexican government’s national environmental audit program, PNAA

Social Responsibility certificate from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Vendor Code of Conduct contains strict guidelines for suppliers based on the tenants of the Fair Labor Association. All suppliers maintain current certifications from WRAP, GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Cradle to Cradle or Bluesign.

Giving Back

Our own vertical factory has been a part of the community in Puebla, Mexico for over 25 years. 

As a WRAP-certified facility, we go beyond Fair Labor standards, ensuring ethical practices. We provide workers with fair living wages and on-the-job training, which gives our employees a unique path to advancement.

Our onsite water purification system cleans and recycled our factory water, which we then use to feed local farmland. Plus, we’re turning used-eco stones into load-bearing bricks to help build schools and low-income housing in the area. 

We are also proud partners of 1% for the Planet and One Tree Planted.